Sep 29, 2013

Pirate game res project...

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This is one of the projects from my recent Zbrush workshops class.  I wanted to create a pirate character, and during my initial research, I came across images of modern Somali pirates.  I thought it would be interested to create a pirate based on some of those guys.

Click the image below to launch the verold interactive 3D viewer and see where we ended up.

Here is an image of what the texture set looked like...

And here is an image of what the model looked like.

Overall, it was a fun project, and I hope the people in the workshop learned a little.  Below are some images that show some of the steps we took during the course:



Marvin Washington said...

Sir that's a pretty sweet model. It shows up a little screwy in the verold viewer but that probably because my graphics card is cheap and ancient. Are you using a skin shader or is the softness of the skin reading from your specular map?

Pointpusher said...

Thanks man! There is a skin shader in verold that allows you to scatter a bit, so yep.